Welcome to The Acorn Resale Shop!

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Founded in 2020, Camp Roger’s donation-based resale shop helps kids find life outdoors through summer camp and outdoor education classes. More than ever, we believe that a Christian camp experience can play a critical role in a child’s life.


Many children are limited in their exposure to nature, facing anxiety, obsessed with screens, and craving love. Camp Roger and Camp Scottie provide a completely unplugged experience that brings kids into a vibrant and joyful atmosphere within God’s creation. Campers learn about God at Camp through daily chapels and devotions, schoolchildren learn about our amazing world through hands-on discovery classes, and friendships are built while playing at the waterfront or through team-building experiences.


Camp Roger is committed to helping more and more campers attend summer camp or visit with their school for an outdoor education class. And with the proceeds from the sale of your donations, we can do that!


Finances and transportation are two of the largest barriers for individuals and schools. Our goal is to provide more sustainable and long-term solutions for accessibility through the launch of The Acorn Resale Shop.


We project that The Acorn Resale Shop will help more than 200-300 children experience Camp through day camp, overnight camp or outdoor education each year. We’d love for you to join us on this adventure by donating, volunteering, or shopping.


We are excited to see what happens next! 


Doug Vanderwell

Executive Director, Camp Roger

We hope you visit us soon!